Right Rules for the Naughty Dates

There is a golden rule, do not bring his plan in a restaurant for the first naughty encounter. Why is this misstep?

  • The duration of a meal is too long
  • A chic restaurant becomes an obligation
  • The invoice will come back to you and this expense will be useless

Indeed, many women will be afraid to make the first meeting with a restaurant as a meeting place. Imagine a nasty first date where you do not get along well with the person or even that person is just boring. The duration of this activity is not on your side. Not only will you have to support his company but also the weight of the bill without getting the naughty sex that you have planned. With the מונאקו הרצליה you can have the smartest choices.

What is the ideal meeting place for a first date?

A good atmosphere is a definite necessity so avoid empty places unless it’s an open destination like the beach, to allow you to take a romantic walk without being disturbed. Otherwise, choose a trendy place , like a lounge. Ideally, set the appointment around 19:30, your naughty plan will have time to prepare and there will not be too much or too few people.

The music will not be too loud so you can talk to you without raising your voice. Also, this will allow you to sit on sofa, a more comfortable option than standing or sitting on a wooden stool. A good lounge should have a menu of tapas or bites to counter any possibility of hunger. Do not be fooled, these little details are far from trivial. These are all elements that will ensure that she will feel in good company with you and will put the odds on your side when the time comes to conclude your naughty plan.

The Right Tips

Do not get me wrong, you must not get into alcohol to lose control unless your naughty partner is in this state. Avoid too strong cocktails, unless that’s what she likes. Ask her if she is hungry, if her day has been well, why so. in short, interest her as a person.

It is highly likely that you will need to meet her 2-3 times before you feel comfortable in her presence so it is your job to bring good interesting topics of conversation for her as well as for you so maintain a good culture General keeping you up-to-date or interested in some hobbies such as reading, music, arts, etc. Above all, be fun, be fun.

Nothing better than laughing to relax the atmosphere

There are only two possible end scenarios with people on naughty dating sites, either you leave with or you leave alone. It is recommended to take a taxi for naughty plans. Not only because of drunk driving but also for the intimate moment you share in the back of the car.

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Of course, you should keep the choice open by asking if she wants to follow you to your home or if she prefers to be escorted home. (In case she mentions leaving alone, forget it.) It’s a question of preference and comfort. Some people prefer to be in their home and the security it brings them.