Is that really true? Does that means bisexual is taboo? Do your bisexual friends need mental helps? You might have sort of questions. Well, read this until finish and you will come out with informative decision.

The researchers have found that bisexual couples and singles tend to face mental problem than their counterparts. The factors which contribute to the psychological breakdown for bisexual people can be anything from the having less supportive friends, rejections from society, bi-phobia, and many more.

We know that many have increase the attentions for gay and lesbian people. But there is no significant development for bisexual people. the researchers have found the missing links between the bisexual life experiences and the poor mental health that they are suffering.

A research called “Who I Am” which was conducted by the Australian researchers pinpoint numerous issues with the bisexual people’s mental health. From the samples they had taken, most of them have similar symptoms of depression, anxiety, and identity disorder. 0.5% of the numbers were having suicidal thoughts. Although the percentage is small, it has been enough reason for us to worry about that.

The study shown that the “guilty” feeling inside the bisexual people can contribute the psychological distress. So, if you or someone you know is thinking about bisexuality, it can be stressful to see if this is right or wrong. Bisexuals who are in the middle of that tend to have more psychological distress. The reason is sensible. Self-acceptance is one of the core aspect for bisexual people.

The researchers also emphasized that the support of the partner can really contribute to the positiveness. but if it is the other way around, it can affect the bisexuals mental health badly. In the other side, bisexual people with the same sexes seem to have less risks of depression.

The participants in the research contributed to the significant result which included that bisexual people have poorer mental health. That is to compare to the people who are gay or lesbian. Bisexual people tend to be exposed to such depressive symptoms. Not to mention that in some areas, the “conservative” communities think that bisexual is a taboo thing. It procures more bi-negativity which leads to depression.

In the severe extent, the bi-curious and bisexual people are the victims to social judgement. They hardly meet their partners in the public. They can hardly find the supportive partners. The problems add up from time to time so that it can be a nuisance for all the folks involved. If you or someone you know experiences the psychological distress, reach out for help. Don’t postpone it.