What Is The History Of Sex Dolls?

The history of methods invented for sexual gratification by men and women alike dates back to the first civilization. However, the industry of realistic sex dolls as we know now, actually started from the early 1990s, which changed the sexual behaviour of many. Though different cultures had their own kind of sex dolls, they were low-tech and didn’t render the same level of pleasure that the modern dolls are offering today. Many Greek pieces of literature from the ancient time give an account of men engaging in sexual acts with statues that represented their kind of women. The 17th-century European sailors on sea voyages made leather sex dolls for sexual satisfaction.

Dutch History

There is a nick-name for sex dolls from the sailor’s days; Dutch Wives. The Dutch sailors would trade their sex doll with Japanese and the latter would call these dolls as “Dutch Wives.” Even today, the Japanese refer to sex dolls by the same noun.

Modern World

In 1968, the inflatable sex dolls made of plastic came in the market, which was legal to sell as a sex toy, if sold or sent by mail across America. In the 1980s, sex dolls made their way to sex shops. Though they were bought by many, they were more of a gag gift for fun than sex. It was due to the unnatural feel that they gave to the user, while they were not durable as well. However, with modern technology, came the new era of silicone sex dolls that were more lifelike and enjoyable.

Now intercourse with the silicone love dolls became more similar to having sex with a real person. This became much better with the new material; the premium grade silicone and TPE. They rendered the perfect balance of firmness and softness, while their elasticity happens to be self-recovering. All this gave the same experience of human skin upon touching the doll.

21st Century Advancements

In the later 1990s, Matt McMullen, an artist created the female mannequin with a lifelike figure and skin. However, there was still some anatomical features that were supposed to be corrected, which he subsequently realized. This was the turning point in the manufacturing industry of sex dolls. Now the dolls started to be created with high-end technology and material, whereas the continual AI development has expanded the lifelike attributes of the dolls.

Now, getting a silicone sex doll is a bit expensive, but worth the money spent for safe pleasure; without any strings attached to anyone.