Some amazing sex facts you need to know 

Sex is the reason behind the formation of human lives on the planet. It is said that women have about 4 sex partners on average in their lifetime and men have about 7. There are some more exciting facts about sex which will make you intrigued. 

  • Men reach orgasm faster than women 

Men can experience orgasm much faster than women and more times than women. The percentage levels are less than 30 for women and more than 70 for men. 

  • Dick size and pleasure levels 

It is said that only large dicks can create maximum pleasure in a woman. But one should keep in mind that there is very little relation between pleasure levels and dick size. The girth and the length should be taken notice of. Medium girth size and long dick can pleasure a woman with tiny vaginal opening, whereas large girth size and long dick can pleasure a woman with a large vaginal opening. 

  • Women are more into fantasy 

Women are known to fantasize more about sex than men do. It is said that women can imagine certain positions of sex better in their minds and perform better. 

  • Preferences of men and women 

Men are more concerned about vaginal intercourse while having sex whereas women are more into the foreplay acts and try all kinds of sexual play before reaching the climax. It is also said that women like to have sex with men who are good at foreplay. 


  • Burn calories 


The average level of calories burned after 30 minutes of sexual intercourse is 200. It is also said that couples who are sexually active have a long life. UK Sex Contacts can be found on many websites and hotel receptions as well. This can be taken note of to have a great time in bed. 

There are many other facts, but these excite you totally to a different level. Sex is not just for pleasure, but to show how much the person means to you as well.