Is there a difference between escorting and prostitution?

Escorting is nothing new. It is increasingly common to find escort offers. Some girls work independently. They publish their profiles on websites or other platforms. Escort girls also use the services of an agency. These are intermediaries between escorts and men. The agency takes care of the promotion of the girls. Their profiles are posted on the website with quality photos. Working with an agency guarantees safe interaction with clients. Many people have the question, is there a difference between escort and prostitution? Yes, there is. In this article, we will analyze it in more detail. 

The services of escort girls

Escorts are provided by girls who want to earn money. Escort services imply not only intimacy. This is one of the essential differences from prostitution. Men use the site  to find the escort service Frankfurt for a pleasant pastime. Girls know their business and know how to communicate with men. Female escorts provide:

  • escorting to events;
  • escorting to trips;
  • escort to vacations, and so on.

Escorts are well-groomed girls who are always busy with themselves. Moreover, escorting is not their main activity. During the day, the girls do their business, and in the evening, they go out to meet men. The girls are well-mannered, good-looking, and educated. It is always pleasant to spend an evening, vacation, or business trip with such an interlocutor. 

High cost of escort services

Another distinguishing feature of prostitution from escorts is the cost of the services. Escorts are much more expensive than prostitutes. Well-trained girls, whose appearance and demeanor are meant to be the highlight of your escorting, are not available for little money. But good agencies are worth their price. The following applies: the longer the duration of the order, the more expensive it becomes. In addition to the escort service, which is often charged by the hour, there are also transportation costs, food, drinks, and entrance fees for escorts. When booking for several days, it is often possible to negotiate a flat rate, but you should bear in mind that, in this case, the escort’s living expenses will also be incurred. 

Cost is not the only distinguishing factor between a prostitute and an escort. The quality of services and the girl’s education are also priorities for escorts. These girls know their value and understand what men want. Therefore, they are responsible for their appearance and development.