How to excite a man?

Exciting a man goes through the visual, caresses and foreplay. If all do not have the same erogenous zones or the same sexual preferences, some means can certainly heat a man to stimulate his desire and cause sexual intercourse. How to make a man cum? The point on the male libido.

Warm a man to provoke desire

An uncontrollable desire for sex? Still need to find a sexual partner. By dexterously handling the art of male arousal, the woman can satisfy her impulses as soon as she wishes, for her greatest pleasure. Exciting a man to provoke a report can also be very useful in the event of a breakdown of desire within a couple used by a daily routine.

Sexual arousal as an ingredient of the longevity of the couple

If the first moments of a relationship are often very conducive to overflowing sexuality, the desire wears over time. After a few years, unveiling a breast is not enough to increase the libido of his partner and a tender kiss is not as much source of excitement. In this context, it is handy to know the strings to excite a man and know how to make a man enjoy.

The means to excite a man – beyond depending on the partner – depend on the lover’s stage of excitement.

Exciting a man to the preliminaries


The first stage of excitement, suggest to the partner to have sex. In this respect, the man, as a rule, requires less subtlety than the woman. To carry out the act, the woman can thus heat a man by various direct means: dirty talk or naughty SMS, striptease or erotic pledge, all behaviors with sexual connotation are effective. Failing that, the woman can add to her arsenal some caresses well placed.

Raise the excitement to penetration


Once the idea of the report is accepted, the woman has every interest in continuing to excite a man during the foreplay for pleasure all the more intense. Blowjob or masturbation, prostate stimulation, sensual caresses and exploration of all of its erogenous zones: the goal is to raise the pleasure gradually, to the maximum.

Free yourself to heat a man

In any case, the best conditions to promote sexual arousal imply a total letting go on the part of the woman. It must assume and assume its initiatives to allow the man to give up in turn. Also, the man works a lot visually: he needs to watch his partner be excited, so this is not the time to express his complex.

Sexual act: how to make a man enjoy?


Once sexual arousal at its peak, it’s time to enjoy the man.

Unless it is in special conditions – stress, depression, alcohol – the sexual act usually leads to male orgasm. However, it is good to know that ejaculation and enjoyment are not necessarily co-dependent.

If the orgasm in man is easy to reach, it is possible to increase it. For this, the woman can make sure to delay the enjoyment: retaining his ejaculation, the man feels all the more sexual pleasure. Another method to increase the satisfaction, spice up the act: to realize the fantasies of his partner, to use sex toys or to resort to unusual practices can excite a man to the point of making him enjoy so much more intense.