Exceptional Journey to Sexuality


Food is closely related to pleasure. The satisfaction of taste does not only respond to the physiological necessity of nourishment, but also satisfies the senses and can give us well-being.

Food and sex have the same brain location, the same neuroendocrine circuits, the same hormones that control them. The same molecules in the brain are stimulated, so if we do not satisfy the appetite of the senses, the desire will shift to the food appetite. The link between sex and food also consists in the fact that both serve for socialization, for personal satisfaction, for one’s own survival and for the species.

The Finest Pleasures

The pleasures of the throat are linked from the beginning to those of sexuality: the sin of pride of Adam and Eve is told by the Catholic tradition through the metaphor of the tempting apple! Asceticism, which in our materialistic society has been replaced by anorexia, was born precisely in opposition to food understood as the original sin of the senses. The symbolic meaning of hunger attacks is also the need to fill an emotional void, the replacement of the sexual act with food, in fact in bulimic patients there is a strong sexual anorexia, the desire is often lacking and the sex is experienced as traumatizing. With the Next you can redazzle your time.

Those who suffer from love tend to feed on chocolate, because phenylethylamine is found in it, the same chemical that the brain produces when we fall in love; chocolate therefore prolongs the state of well-being that we experience when we are in love.

Many scientists argue, instead, that we love chocolate because it is a carbohydrate that stimulates the production of insulin in the pancreas, which in turn is responsible for the increase in serotonin, the neurotransmitter that governs the state of calm and well-being. This is why sweets, cakes and chocolate are the first places among the foods that can partially replace kisses and hugs.

In fact, even the chili can have a real beneficial effect on the desire especially for men, in fact its active ingredient, capsicin, is able to irritate the prostate, which produces the liquid in which the spermatozoa are immersed and therefore facilitates stimulation to the ‘ejaculation. Moreover, the chili pepper is a good vasodilator and promotes blood circulation especially in the genitals. All this causes a general feeling of well-being that turns out to be aphrodisiac.


Among the foods that can increase desire, as they are rich in amino acids that stimulate the production of serotonin, there are: chickpeas, wild berries and blue fish. The real aphrodisiac component of food, however, can reside in preparing together the “delicacies” and then maybe playing around all this is a great preamble to create the magic of passion and the “taste” of pleasure.