Know The Secrets – Things Guys Want In Bed But won’t Ask For

Sex has a very high value in the system of a living organism. It is needed for the extended survival of an organism. The sex begins with the development of sexual feelings. These feelings are the instincts that can’t be controlled easily. These feelings are good for a healthy relationship. Knowing the things that stimulate them can boost your sex life a lot. Here are the Things guys want in bed but wont ask for. Knowing them can rebuild your relationship too.

The foreplay and the session before sex

Foreplay is the most important part that could develop sexual feelings inside both mand and woman. A guy usually doesn’t like to directly jump into his partner’s vagina. He would need some time to get his tool ready for the action. Some might be tensed before sex. Foreplay could help them a lot. The girl removing her dress one by one slowly could make the man all set. Oral sex is liked by many men. A sensual massage can be very good to start too.

During the Intercourse

Before the man inserts his penis, a good tease could make him love you a lot. It makes him want to insert the tool more than before. Once inserted, the girl can moan for the man. Moaning sexily and loudly can encourage him a lot. It can make him go wild sometimes. Many guys love sex in different positions. Different positions have different stimulations. Trying them all can be useful for you. If they like, you can try BDSM too.

Reaching the Climax

Reaching the climax soon can be disappointing. Taking the time and letting him have the course for a long time can be healthy. Taking the feelings to the edge and denying ejaculation, to start again can build a lot of feelings at the time. At this point, the insertion must be easy with a lot of lubrication. Everybody has a different taste in ending. Find what your man likes. Some like to give it inside. Some like it on the face. Some like it in the mouth. Some like it on the breasts. Some like it all over the body. Ever climax is unique. Enjoying this part is the most important to keep in mind.

From removing the dress to reaching the climax, every point must be handled carefully. These are all the Things guys want in bed but wont ask for. Now that you know them, all that is left is trying them out in the bed.