How to Date During Covid According to U.S. Surgeon General

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has teamed up with Hinge to advise people on how to make romantic connections with less risk during the pandemic.

“It’s not simple but it’s definitely possible.” He said in a video released by Hinge.

He went on, “A lot of people have really struggled during this pandemic and if you’re feeling that way just remember that you are not alone.”

The Surgeon General gave tips on how to reduce risk for romantic singles.

The subject of kissing was one of the most important points to be discussed and Dr. Murthy suggests that getting vaccinated is the most important action anyone can take if they want to stay safe.

The pandemic has indeed isolated many people and perhaps most especially, single people.

Those living alone have been most at risk of depression and anxiety during lockdowns and Dr. Murthy said, “We need people in our lives to get through tough times.”

Hinge took positive action regarding Covid in June when it rolled out the option for users to share their vaccination status on their profiles.

This transparency should go a long way towards protecting those who want to remain Covid-free whilst still enjoying a social life.

The best way forward then is to ensure that you’re not mixing too much if you are unvaccinated. Some venues want to see your vaccination passport before they’ll let you in – which will put the kibosh on too many dinner dates for the unvaccinated.

Human interaction is vital though – we can’t survive without friends and interaction of some kind. Isolation is a dangerous thing if it’s prolonged so seek out the company of others when safe to do so and always be kind.

Maybe Sean Rad, Tinder’s one-time CEO should have thought about that when he ignored Whitney Wolfe Herd’s awful situation during their time at Tinder as co-founders.

Wolfe Herd was going through a very rough time thanks to a third co-founder, Justin Mateen with whom she had been in a relationship.

When that relationship ended, Wolfe Herd was mature and professional – not so Mateen who called her a “whore” at a professional event and sent her many abusive text messages.

Rad did absolutely nothing to support or defend her and instead called her “dramatic”.

She responded by suing and the case was settled out of court. Rad’s reputation would never be the same again though and articles such as this one did little to help!

Stay safe, be kind and treat others as you would like to be treated.