How much do pornstars earn?

There are legends about the earnings of porn stars. It is usually thought that those who play in erotic movies after their first productions receive such fabulous pay that they no longer have to work for the rest of their lives. This is a very simplification. Earnings in the porn industry depend on the company that employs the actors, its reputation and the number of films made during the year. If we are starting a career in a niche publishing house just looking for its place on the capricious porn market, it is known that we will not earn as much as the tycoons operating in the industry for at least 20 years. You have to be lucky with people if you want to sign a really lucrative contract. Most modern porn stars approach their work from the organizational side very reliably. They have agents, managers and image advisors. This is how they build their brand. You can earn a lot in the porn industry, but you also lose something. Continuous intake of erections to be on constant alert can have a very negative effect on our health. As long as you are young and fit, you don’t care too much. You can experience a great downhill ride later.

Retirement porn It’s always too early!

In fact, people over the age of 30 are considered retired in the porn industry. It can not be hidden that this is a world that adheres to youth at all costs, not always ethical and allowing itself moments of weakness. Swallowing penis enlargers for many years leaves traces in the psyche. Guys in their thirties who play in porn storylines, producers also often urge for plastic surgery, which are not the cheapest. In the porn industry, those who can separate private and professional life win. The world of porn is ruthless and destructive, which is why many actors decide to end their careers before turning thirty. A large part falls into addiction and financial problems. When suddenly it turns out that we have been left without a well-paid job, there is a void. It is difficult to switch to lower earnings and living on a lower material level.

What’s next?

Many porn actors after the end of their careers decide to earn money invest in real estate and projects that are able to earn on their own, thus bringing additional profits. Some decide to stay in the porn industry, but from the other side. Instead of playing in front of the camera, they become directors or producers. As a result, they remain in the industry as seekers of “young talents”, while realizing themselves professionally.