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Traditional market analysis faces a variety of obstacles when it comes to the male sex industry. Even though it appears online in the same way as other items in the Internet age. An economic approach to male sex work must start with a few preliminaries that people generally overlook in economic research since they can safely assume them away.

In a traditional market, people normally aren’t concerned with whether market prices truly reflect equilibrium prices, which are the prices at which producer supply and consumer demand meet. When they see pricing in an online marketplace, they think the firm is setting the price to maximize profit, and implicitly infer that the maximizing considers consumer demand.

It’s difficult to tell how a market works or even if it works at all if the prices don’t reflect basic economic principles. If observed prices have no resemblance to economic primitives, a standard supply-and-demand method would be incorrect. Because of the illegal nature of male sex work transactions, it’s impossible to argue that the market gets prices properly just because they’re publicly posted online.

When purchasing shoes from an online merchant, a buyer can be confident that the items they requested will be delivered. If customers were tricked and either sold a different product or received nothing, they might turn to a payment service, the vendor, or even the courts if this turned out not to be the case. People would buy with confidence, if not in the vendor, then in a system that would either enforce or cancel their contract, depending on the case.

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